How can I share a composition across multiple projects without copying it?

We will basically create a project without assessment model composition, include our prepared composition manually to the project paths and then make our Analysis-model depend on its models.   1. Create a security analysis project without any Assessment Model Composition. We will add the composition later on by hand.   Select origin of Assessment [...]

How can I solve conflicts when merging changes?

If you have conflicting changes, the tool will show you this dialog when merging:   Merge conflict   Models with conflicts will be displayed red. You can select the model and press "Merge..." to solve the conflicts. This will show you a screen like this:   Merge revision   In [...]

Context actions are missing.

Because the context actions are context sensitive not all actions are displayed all the time. Please make sure that you have selected the correct element or focused the correct tool window.

A complete element was deleted by accident.

You can undo an action with the shortcut Ctrl+Z, or using the toolbar. itemis SECURE might interpret some of your actions as a sequence of subactions. In this case you might have to use Ctrl+Z multiple times. If you want to redo an action previously undone, you can use Ctrl+Shift+Z.

Copy-pasting doesn’t work correctly or creates errors.

Each selected element is not only text, but actually part of a tree. The tree can only be assembled following certain rules, thus pasting one part of the tree might just not be allowed at another place. Furthermore, the context of the original tree might not be available at the desired destination. Thumb rule: you [...]

The Risk Table shows errors / is broken

There is a problem with the Risk Table when available Damage Potentials (DP) or Attack Effort (AE) values are altered. To fix this you have to remove the table and insert it again. Place the cursor somewhere in the table and press Ctrl+Up until it is select completely. Then press Delete to remove it. Press [...]

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