itemis SECURE is a model-based software tool for threat analysis and risk assessment of technical systems. It meets the increasing need for tool support in automotive, industry 4.0 and the internet of things.

itemis SECURE is the technical platform for your state-of-the-art TARA. With itemis SECURE you can identify your protection needs, analyze possible threats and calculate the resulting risks. The underlying assessment model and calculation logic are highly customizable and we will take care that our platform integrates seamlessly with your enterprise software. itemis SECURE is most powerful when used in conjunction with established version management systems like Git or SVN. This ensures that you can always compare, update or merge different versions of your assessment without being overwhelmed by the overall complexity. Of course, it is also possible to generate reports in a printable format like PDF.



itemis SECURE Background

Already today, the connectivity of devices poses great challenges for many manufacturers. The multitude of technologies and interfaces makes future systems prone to cyber attacks. Affected industries include the automotive industry, the manufacturing industry (industry 4.0) and critical infrastructures like the energy or transport sector. Attacks on these areas can have serious consequences. As a result, standards such as ISO/SAE 21434 (Road vehicles – Cybersecurity engineering) in the automotive sector or IEC 62443 (Industrial communication networks – IT security for networks and systems) in the industrial sector ensure that the focus is increasingly on security.

itemis SECURE is ready for the aforementioned standards. In addition, it is based on general security standards and best practice approaches, such as ISO 27000, ISO 15288 and Common Criteria. Moreover, itemis SECURE is highly customizable to support your individual process.

With itemis SECURE you can model your system graphically or textually. The tool supports you to assess threats to that system, as well as the respective impact. It calculates the resulting risk and generates appropriate reports for your stakeholders. For more information about possible workflows with our tool, please continue reading in our knowledge base, starting with an article about Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment.

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