Y Sec?Why Security?

Modern cars are heavily connected with their environment. Interfaces like GSM, Wifi, Bluetooth or USB give hackers an incredible number of possibilities to attack cars in the future. The industry has recognized the problem and the upcoming standard ISO/SAE 21434 will ensure that security is considered right from the beginning of every automotive development project.

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What measures need to be taken with regard to security? What do you as a developer in the automotive sector have to consider in the future?
Overview of ISO/SAE 21434
The DIS of ISO21434 distinguishes the three kinds of product phases concept phase, development phase, and operation phase.
Inside the new ISO/SAE 21434
The development of automobiles is characterized by 3 major trends: digitalization, networking, and development of autonomous vehicles.
Standards and norms - cybersecurity
Compared to safety, security is a rather fast-moving discipline. Especially due to the increase in networked components, security is increasingly coming into focus
Difference between Safety & security
Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA) are key activities defined by ISO/SAE 21434. Plenty of different risk assessment methods have been described...
Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment
The risk is defined as the combination of two elements - damage potential and attack effort. Propagation is the mechanism that brings these two togehter.
Damage and Attack Effort Propagation

Why Cyber Security Risk Assessment?

Let’s go into more detail, why it is such a thing:

Why IT-Security is becoming increasingly important