You can do this in the Assessment Model. For example, by default the propagated damage is decreased if it is distributed to multiple independent elements. If you would like to disable damage distribution, you will have to override the default damage adjustment. This can be done in the Assessment Model. Go to “damage aggregators” and focus the damage aggregator of your choice (by default there is only one called “MAX”). In the inspector use Ctrl+Space below “Adjustment of Propagated Damage Potential” and select “AdustDPFunction”. This will show you a method stub where you can implement your own adjustment. For the example case this is simple; you just have to return the unmodified DP. To do so, type “return damagePotential.getDPInfo()”:

FAQ - Error


If an error is displayed you will have to import a dependency. Place the cursor on the marked method and press ALT+Enter and select “import com.moraad.core.runtime”:

FAQ Apply


Then press “Apply” in the main editor (changes are also applied when you leave the editor, e.g. focus another element in the Assessment Model).