ISO/SAE 21434 will be published on 1st of August

Header image showing the date on 2021-08

The date is set to 2021-08!

ISO/SAE 21434 will be published on 1st of August, woohoo! According to the website, the ISO/SAE 21434 has entered stage 60.00 of the ISO process today (2021-07-09). This means that the committee has fully written and finalized the Draft International Standard (DIS) document. Thus, the result is called the Final DIS (FDIS). Now, the nations have voted and approved it, so that only editorial changes may still come up. The Committee Managers and project leaders will now have two weeks to sign off the document, and then the Central Secretariat will publish it.

The publication date is already set to 2021-08, so we’ll be able to read the document starting from August, as it seems.

So let’s get our drinks and credit cards ready, as we’ll have something to read!


What now?

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