At this weeks’ GENIVI All Members Meeting (virtually of course), there were a couple of contributors of ISO/SAE 21434 on a round table session on Wednesday at 3:40pm (EST): Bill Mazzara is the ISO/SAE 21434 Committee Chair, and also Anuja Sonalkar, Matthew Mackay and Lisa Boran seem to play important roles in the creation of the standard. I learned, that Lisa and Anuja also were involved in the predecessor J3061.

You can rewatch the videos from the whole meeting here (the 21434-session is not uploaded yet, but I assume that is just a matter of time…).

An important message from all of them:

  • The final version of the standard will probably come out on mid of 2021.
  • But you may already start getting prepared with the public draft (you can buy it here): The changes will be mild. That means: If you’re running a process that complies to the draft, the final version won’t be of big surprise for you.