How to work collaboratively in itemis SECURE using Git?

Motivation In case you have multiple distributed teams, which will work on threat analyses (TARAs) collaboratively, you may need a workflow that serves this purpose. You may want to split the TARA for organizational reasons or to make large projects manageable. The team shall be able to refine its target of evaluation (TOE) and [...]

Can I model my system iteratively?

You can add more system elements in future iterations. Because the tool is model-based, it is mostly easy to find the places that you have to adapt / update after a change.

How to compare two versions of the same model?

If you make a git commit, and make changes to your model, then you’ll be able to see the changes since that commit in the commit view. You can open the commit view by pressing CTRL+V and then 1. If you commit again and would now like to see the changes from one commit to [...]

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