How much system memory does the itemis SECURE need?

At the moment, the current default size for the memory is 4GB. However, you can adapt the size of the RAM/memory, itemis SECURE is allowed to use, on your own by following these steps: 1. Go to the bin-folder within the Security-Analyst Installation folder. Per default it should be located under "Program Files". 2. There [...]

Why do I need the itemis SECURE?

itemis SECURE is the perfect solution for analyzing and managing the risks of networked systems. itemis SECURE is an immediately deployable, efficient and accessible tool that can be customized and integrated. With the tool, you are also prepared for the future for upcoming changes and new standards!

Which functionalities are offered by the itemis SECURE?

Standardization Supporting security standards including ISO 27005, ISO/SAE 21434 and IEC 62443 Customization Adaptable for custom assessment and development processes (including TARA) Modeling Guided modeling of system and security properties Reporting Automated generation of audit compliant documents Lifecycle Support Simple update and versioning of analysis iterations

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