itemis SECURE 24.2

We are thrilled to announce our latest itemis SECURE version 24.2, featuring enhancements designed to transform your operations and elevate your capabilities.

This update introduces Centrally Managed Catalog Data and Workflows, offering streamlined data management with flexible configuration and enhanced tracking. Managing your data to meet your specific needs is now easier than ever, with improved support for legacy systems.

Additionally, we are transitioning to a web-based or hybrid TARA modeling and analysis approach, enabling more semi-automated collaboration and marking the beginning of increased web-based tools and collaboration features.

In line with ISO21434 (Clause 9), we’ve made further significant enhancements on the Concept Phase. These include detailed tutorials to help you navigate new features, improved reporting for goals, claims and security concepts as well as seamless import functionality from itemis Excel templates.

Furthermore, we’ve updated the Attack Feasibility Assessment with numerical levels, stricter rules for consecutive attacks and an adapted feasibility model, ensuring greater precision and clearer risk management. The most critical attack paths are now clearly displayed in AFL tables for better visibility.

Our Import/Export Improvements offer enhanced customization and efficiency. You can now perform customizable Excel exports, efficient bulk XSAM exporting and take advantage of resolved issues with long file names, making your data handling smoother and more efficient.Lastly, our enhancements to Reports and Assistants provide user-friendly report layouts, streamlined configuration processes and guidance through complex tasks.

These improvements aim to make your interaction with itemis SECURE more intuitive and productive.To delve deeper into these updates, please refer to the release notes.Our mission is to make itemis SECURE the ultimate tool for your TARA process, equipping you to tackle your requirements such as whole vehicle validation and AI-assisted TARAs.

With our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, you can expect future releases to deliver even more powerful and valuable enhancements that will significantly enhance your productivity and overall performance.Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.Thank you for your continued support and for choosing itemis SECURE!

itemis SECURE 24.2

Stay secure!
The itemis SECURE team