We’re presenting a Summary of 21434 at the GENIVI Tech Summit

The GENIVI Alliance is holding a technical summit on a virtual base on May 12-14, 2020. On the 14. at 10:45 CEDT, we’ll be presenting a summary on how to run ISO21434-conformant projects in practice. If you are curious in learning about 21434, you should come around.

GENIVI is an international alliance that aims to support the development of connected vehicles. For that, it brings together in-vehicle software suppliers. As a member of its security group, we’ve been reading and discussing the ISO/SAE 21434 in the last months and started to prepare some summarizing material for it.

In this talk, we will guide you through each clause. We will tell you what it demands and additionally, we’ll provide you with our anticipation of how to fulfill it in a practical process.

We’d be glad to see you “there” (Remember, it’s online…)!

Genivi VTS 2020

What now?

Want to discuss further? Feel free to contact the YSEC Team. Otherwise, read more on our insights from reading ISO21434.

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