New Feature: Sequence Modelling

After having created the components of a system, in order to define channels and data flows efficiently, you can use sequences to describe the interactions of existing components.

A sequence consists of multiple messages. Security Analyst will create new channels, data flows and data for each described message. Using Ctrl + Space on any data field in the message will help you finding the appropriate element.

Additional data elements can be created when selecting the data field and pressing Ctrl + Enter. If the data is not present in the model yet, it can be created in the corresponding chunk while keeping focus on the message if you chose the action “Create data” from the completion menu (Ctrl + Space).

If you have already modelled some data flows you can easily re-use these within your sequences. To re-use a data flow, create a blank line in the sequence and start typing “via”, press Ctrl + Space and select the data flow. This will create a new message between components and pre-select the data flow element.

Various Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved behavior of Context Actions and Toolbar buttons to create new elements
  • Fixed issues in PPTX / XLSX element export
  • Fixed issues with Catalog PPTX import
  • Fixed issues with Code Completion (Ctrl+Space)
  • Fixed issue with caching of DP / RAP
  • Fixed suggestions in Tutorial Part 6.2
  • Promoting the Tutorial in the Welcome Popup
  • Updated the user guide+

Sequence Chunk

Textual sequence modeling

Fig. 2: Graphical visualization of modeled sequence

Graphical visualization of modeled sequence